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About Great Greece For Ever

Great Greece for Ever is a nonprofit organization that aims to interact with the world's leading experts in order to unite the greeks all around the globe.

The greeks of diaspora is a national matter. The Greek Community is an ambassador of Greece all over the world. It is the power that keeps morals and customs intact.

The “hive” that connects greek culture with the whole world and spreads the traditions that tend to disappear in the modern era of globalization.

We must unite the greek community. To build bridges through health, cultural and educational tourism in order to stop the deterioration of the our nation and our language.

How Great Greece for Ever works

President & Board of Directors

We contribute through research, analysis, dialogue and targeted actions, to connect institutions, agencies and citizens of diaspora with their homeland

Independent Operation

Through independent collaborators we offer solutions to Greeks of Diaspora for every matter they may face

Special Committees

Special committees work every day to established Greek language learning through our Digital School and to promote alternative tourism in Greece