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Greece 200 plus: a hive of greeks worldwide

The 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution (1821) and the founding of the modern and free greek State is the beginning of real and targeted actions aimed at strengthening the relations between Greece and Greeks abroad.

In order to prevent the danger of entering a path of low birth rate, the main purpose of Great Greece for Ever is to become an international educational, cultural, social and economic hive for all greeks.

Discover Greece and build bridges through online education

The establishment and promotion of the digital school of the Greeks os Diaspora which -in the first phase- will include a six-grade greek primary school with teaching materials in greek language, history and customs of Greece.

The school will be adressed to the children of the greek communities 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation in order to preserve their greek identity.

We honour our history, we hold a firm vision of our culture & new generation to come

Now more than ever, we need to move the country forward by endeavoring not to be indifferent to the fate of Greece and instead encourage its people to ‘hold the vision, trust the process’ whilst feeling unconditional love and an authentic sense of duty for the homeland from which they originated and grew.

We urgently invite you all to build bridges by having open and informative conversations between Greece and the Greek diaspora in order to generate efficient and effective strategies to preserve the Greek identity, national conscience and more specifically, to maintain the language, history, religion, culture, traditions and descendance. Long live Greece!

We keep Greek growing forever

We aim to approach the Greek language through daily snapshots that promote cultural practices of the Greeks. We will address to children of expatriates but also to all those who wish to get to know Greek practices that take place every month of the year.

It is important for them to learn how we celebrate Christmas, Easter and other special dates of the year so we can keep the tradition alive for Greeks worldwide!

We invite all Greeks of diaspora, 1st, 2nd, 3nd generation to visit and discover the land of the world

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. The country`s unique characteristics, history, culture, the beauty of thousands of islands, the biodiversity, the mild climate, the mediterranean gastronomy and its infrastructure makes Greece the ideal place for all kinds of tourism.