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Discover and explore Greece, a popular Mediterranean Holiday Destination of breathtaking beauty, offering sun, sand, salt, water, natural herbs and thermal springs:

The Greek way to relieve stress. In every corner of Greece from Crete to Chalkidiki and from the Greek islands to Peloponnese, you will relax in luxury hotels and resorts and you will enjoy the ultimate care care in the mediterranean manner.

We can help you to make your dream City Break into a reality!

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Thermal Classic Cure

Thermal Classic Cure

Embark on a powerful program of prevention, health and rejuvenation. For centuries, people have been using thermal waters to treat themselves and to cure various ailments. Today, the thermal waters, massage treatments, and natural mud treatments offered at Thermae Sylla improve blood circulation, relax the muscles, combat arthritic aches and other pains, and help revitalize the body. The program includes general medical checking, medical recommendations, dietary counselling (extra charge), spa therapies including mud baths, hydromassage in thermal waters and a massage treatment.

Indications: Musculoskeletal ailments, Arthrosis Rheumatism, Arthritic ailments, Difficulty in movement, Weakness due to surgery or trauma, Skin diseases


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