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Our Declaration

Great Greece for Ever is a nonprofit organization that aims to interact with the world's leading experts in order to unite the greeks all around the globe. The greeks of diaspora is a national matter. The Greek Community is an ambassador of Greece all over the world. It is the power that keeps morals and customs intact. The "hive" that connects greek culture with the whole world and spreads the traditions that tend to disappear in the modern era of globalization. We must unite the greek community. To build bridges through health, cultural and educational tourism in order to stop the deterioration of the our nation and our language.

How Great Greece for Ever works

The 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821 and the founding of the modern and free Greek State, is a motive for real and targeted actions aimed at "strengthening the relations between Greece and the Greeks abroad", which is the main purpose of "Great Greece for Ever", in order to increase the "social, cultural, political and economic population" of our country.

Our organization's main purpose is the foundation, operation and promotion of the "Digital School of the Greek Diaspora", which is a digital 6-grade Greek Primary School that will be addressed to the children of the Greek community in order to preserve their Greek identity, through learning the language, history and culture of Greece.

We build bridges through alternative tourism. Great Greece for Ever considers that a way to strengthen the relations and one of its main purposes, is the promotion to Greek expatriates of alternative forms of tourism in Greece, such as: Medical tourism, Health & Wellness, Religious & Educational tourism, the combination of City tourism with Conference tourism, Agrotourism and Gastronomy.