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10th Syros International Film Festival to be held on July 28-31

10th Syros International Film Festival to be held on July 28-31

The 10th Syros International Film Festival will be held on July 28-31, celebrating the festival’s decade-long presence in the Cyclades’ capital island of Syros. The festival’s program includes film screenings, audiovisual performances, access to animation facilities and training workshops, as well as an innovative anniversary audiovisual project.

According to an announcement by the festival’s organizers, SIFF is, this year, expanding to several surprise locations in celebration of ten productive years of cooperation with local communities, and experimenting with different tools and viewing environments so as to highlight the island’s cultural and natural heritage. Hence this year’s thematic title of ‘Topos’ (Location), which focuses on the local identity of Syros as an integral part of SIFF’s dynamic creative process.

The selected theme proposes an alternative perspective, beyond the confines of large urban centers, where islands and other so-called ‘satellite’ areas emerge as places of contemporary artistic creation, it was noted. Co-founder of SIFF Jacob Moe, said that “a common denominator linking this past decade of cinema on Syros at SIFF is the exploration of place: locations where we screen films, and host performances, discussions and workshops in site-specific ways.

So the choice of ‘Topos’ as our celebratory anniversary theme came naturally, as a way to pay homage to the dozens of sites in which our festival has taken place over the years, and to investigate the myriad nuances of this concept in a local and international context.”

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