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Greece is the 3rd most booked country of the planet

Greece is the 3rd most booked country of the planet

Greece was the third most-booked country on the planet in July and August 2022, according to Skyscanner.

According to the Greek tourism ministry, Greece was receiving one million holidays makers each week in the month of August alone.

The country's popularity has been surging aided no doubt by the fact that celebrities from around the  world have chosen Greece time and time again as their holiday destination.

Greece's Tourism Minister  Vassilis Kikilias said that nobody can doubt the excellent course of tourism in Greece.

“This year tourism proved that is Greece’s ‘heavy industry’ and cannot only support the national economy but also offer a substantial support in very difficult conditions,” Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias stated among others in an interview with AMNA few weeks ago.

The minister made a special reference to the arrivals from USA noting that in June they increased by 50 percent in comparison with 2019 while there was a 32 percent increase in the arrivals from Austria and 24 percent from Israel.

“This year, Greece will be the number one destination in travelers from France and Israel, very high in list of travelers from the Balkans and in the first three positions in travelers from Germany and from the Scandinavian countries,” Kikilias said.

“One of the greatest wagers of the Greek tourism is still the extension of the tourism season.

“There are indications, not evidence, that the tourism season has already been extended and yes, there are also indications that it will be further extended.”