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Great Greece for Ever Charity Gala Politia Tennis Club

Great Greece for Ever Charity Gala Politia Tennis Club

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


Politia Tennis Club

We honor the language, the history, envision the future and leave a legacy for the next generations!

As President & Ambassador of the NON-profit organization “Great Greece for Ever” we invite you to this charity event in order to make our vision of the Educational Digital Application for Distance Learning: "6th Grade Digital Primary School for Diaspora Greek Children" known to you and to build together bridges of communication for the World Society of Greeks! - HELEN HOVRIS

The event will be honored by the Region of Attica, the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece & International Prominent Personalities

The demographic problem in Greece brought to the surface the need we have, today more than ever, for the promotion of people with a vision and love for the country, a disposition for practical and selfless contribution and above all a sense of duty towards the country from which they originate and defined them. 

With this in mind, we invite you to our event to find out how we aim to build digital bridges of communication between Greece and the Greeks of the Diaspora, to inform them about New Greece, the digital scientific Greece, and to find ways to preserve the Greek identity, the national consciousness and specifically the language, the history , religion, origin, traditions and culture. The descendants of expatriate Greeks in the countries of the diaspora speak the Greek language less and less, while the criterion of origin is weakened by mixed marriages. However, in order to preserve the symbolic 'Greekness' and to prevent the assimilation of the Greeks of the Diaspora into the local societies, ways should be found for them to maintain a "cultural minimum" capable of establishing a strong Greek identity on it.